What is Trauma-Informed Design?

Trauma-informed principles can be applied to building design to promote better outcomes for the people who live and work in affordable rental housing.

The physical environment can impact our attitude, mood, health and well-being. Spaces that are poorly lit or closed off from the surrounding area can trigger past trauma or contribute to stress. Spaces that are warm, bright and flexible can promote a sense of safety and calm.

Hover over each principle to learn tactics for designing more trauma informed spaces. These are explored in more detail with examples in the Helpful Tools documents shown below.

Helpful Tools

What is Trauma-Informed Design
PDF 9 pages 2 MB
Design Opportunities At A Glance
PDF 1 pages 260 KB
Trauma-Informed Design Do’s and Dont’s
PDF 9 pages 4 MB
Trauma-Informed Design Spatial Program Guide
PDF 9 pages 4 MB
Case Study Hawthorne Community Building
PDF 3 pages 942 KB
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