Form a Collaborative Team

Form a Collaborative Team

A collaborative team allows stakeholders with diverse experience to work together to drive change. In a Trauma-Informed Housing model, any group that is making decisions about a community should include members of the community, such as residents and frontline staff.

Why It’s Important:
Trauma-Informed Housing affects residents and staff. By incorporating diverse perspectives, we can develop a deeper understanding and generate more opportunities for trauma-informed practices in our communities.

What We Learned:

  • Value lived experience as a form of expertise. Recognize that the community, whether residents, frontline staff or broader community members, are experts in their own lives. Center their voices.

  • Recruit teams that have shared geography. Participants can flex their expertise and apply it to their own backyard.

  • Compensate people for their time. Time is valuable and costly. Appreciate people for showing up by compensating them.

  • Utilize team-based peer learning. This allows participants to learn, discuss and apply what they are learning about trauma-informed care in a trusted setting.

Helpful Tools:

Building A Collaborative Team
PDF 2 pages 305 KB
Sample Meeting Agendas
PDF 3 pages 208 KB
Resident Fellowship Invitation
PDF 3 pages 997 KB
Staff Fellowship Invitation
PDF 2 pages 521 KB


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